Bounce Back Classes
Bounce Back Classes
Bounce Back Classes

A Structured Exercise Program helping Your Customers & Helping Your Business

Finally – An Exercise Program That Works

The BOUNCE back Spinal Stability Program is a flexible back exercise system (and highly functional treatment protocol) designed by Trish Wisbey-Roth and her team of expert physiotherapists. The exercises taught in BOUNCE back are very specific and based on the latest research into motor relearning and spinal stabilising muscle function. Delivered by qualified healthcare professionals, the program improves core strength and control with structured exercises to suit all levels of ability and fitness, from patients with significant spinal pain to post-surgical patients, to the elite athlete.


Increase Your Practice Services & Revenue

The BOUNCE back program significantly improves the business options available in most practices. By formalizing and structuring your exercise program, you will save time and money by utilizing the flexible modes of delivery available with the BOUNCE back program.

BOUNCE back is highly flexible and can be delivered in group classes or for one-on-one consultations. Classes range from beginners through to advanced with other specialized modes available including BOUNCE back for Kids.

The program offers additional revenue options to the active practice while also improving your client retention strategies.

Bounce back Classes
  1. Backed By Research
  2. Over 40 Practices Using BOUNCE back In Aus and NZ
  3. Proven to Work even with Chronic Back Pain sufferers

The BOUNCE back Active Rehabilitation System is a structured and easy to follow exercise program
specifically designed to help your patients move with confidence. BOUNCE back has been medically
researched and has a large body of supporting evidence proving its success for those suffering back pain.

1-on-1 Sessions

BOUNCE back sessions are highly flexible in structure and can easily be adapted for one-on-one delivery.

The sessions can be structured to suit the patient and their particular circumstances.

Where to Run BOUNCE back

Sessions can be run from a number of venues at any one time for a BOUNCE back Agency Owner.

The venue location is subject to the approval of BOUNCE back Classes Pty Ltd. Independent Instructors are required to gain approval from BOUNCE back Classes Pty Ltd prior to offering classes.

No Special Equipment Needed

The equipment requirements for running the BOUNCE back program are minimal.

All you need is a Swiss ball per patient, mats (if necessary) and Thera-bands. These items can be supplied by the practice, or by the patient.

Bounce back Classes

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Bounce back Classes